A.D. Starrling Chats with Us About Her First Booktrack Experience

In the second installment of our interview with indie author A.D. Starrling, she tells us why chose to work with Booktrack and why she loves it.

Booktrack Author Spotlight  Meet A.D. Starrling


On finding Booktrack...

How did I discover Booktrack? It was thanks to Hugh Howey, who had written a post about Booktrack on his blog. It was early in 2014 and I was very intrigued, and very excited about the platform and decided to put on my things-to-do in 2015 list.


On the Booktrack process...

It was incredible fun to work on the platform. It's quite an easy platform to understand. Looking at the tutorials, they are very good and they explain the basics and I think the biggest advice I can give to anyone who is trying out Booktrack, is go watch them, and then just play with the platform.

Playing with the platform has allowed me to do things with my particular Booktracks that I haven't seen in many others. It's through experimenting that I have learned a lot. I have learned so much from doing that, that I think I have made my Booktracks that much better than they could have been.

On what's rewarding about Booktrack...

I think the most rewarding part was discovering the story in a completely different way.
Booktrack was that for me. I discovered Soul Meaning in a completely different way. And that's what my readers and fans have said as well when they listen to the trailer. Even though they've read Soul Meaning, even though they bought the audiobook and listened to the audiobook, when they listened to and read the trailer for Soul Meaning Booktrack it was different again.

It was pretty much unique. I don't think there is anything else out there like it.


On how Booktrack has enhanced Soul Meaning...

It pulls people into the story more, a lot more than just reading it. I think people who are going to really like the soundtrack, are people who love listening to a lot of music—they are used to watching a lot of movies—they don't need complete and utter silence to read. Booktrack pulls you into the story a lot more. And I have only great feedback from people in my newsletter list.

And the number of people who wrote back when I put the trailer of Soul Meaning in my newsletter and said "Oh my God, I have never heard something like this and I didn't think that I would like it, but when I listened to it, it just sucked me into the story." It actually made somebody cry, which surprised me, because the part of the ebook we have in the trailer isn't that emotional, so when she gets to the saddest part there will definitely be a lot of tears!

So it makes for more emotional read. It really does just suck you into the story so much better, but it has to be done well.

On whether the rest of the Seventeen Series on Booktrack...

All the ebooks from the Seventeen series will be available on Booktrack. King's Crusade and Green's Calling are complete. They are just awaiting final review from myself and three other shorts stories are already done.

What I am hoping for is one release a month, starting this month. So we are going to start off with Soul Meaning and either follow up with King's Crusade in September, or one of the short stories.

On musicians she wants to work with...

My playlists are very loud and surprise people, because they don't really realize I like such loud music. Disturbed is my number one group. I would love to work with David Draiman, and loved what he has done with the other group he made which is Device. Also on the list is...

You can check out her playlists on her site under EXTRAS.

If she could Booktrack any book it would be....

It has to be Sir Terry Pratchett and it has to be God's Gods. That's one of my favorites by him. This is like a very adventurous fantasy humour story.

So for that I would use some incredibly fun music, it would all have to be historical music, it would be very mischievous light, fun music.

On what's exciting about Booktrack...

For me it's the ability that this product has to pull somebody into a story in way that reading on its own can't do – it takes the story to a new experince.

This feeling of getting sucked into a book is much, much stronger with Booktrack. Particularly with the generation that is growing up with mobile phones and mobile devices, and who are used to listening to a lot of music and watching a lot of films.

This is going to be so much more different, this is going to get the adrenaline pumping in a different way. And, I think for me it's the definition of an immersive experience. This is the most immersive experience you will have with creative content outside of a movie theatre.



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