How to Use Booktrack to Market Your Books

Did you know that you can use Booktrack as a free book marketing tool?

Self-published or indie authors who use other writing platforms will already be familiar with building fan bases. At Booktrack, we have an active core digital community of passionate authors and readers who are interested in new titles. They want to read YOUR book! You just have to do some groundwork to make sure they find it.

Here are some quick tips on how to get started.

Fill in your Booktrack profile page

Write a short bio and a photo. The bio is where you can really shine, as it's where people can learn a bit more about what you write, and your interests. You can even link to your personal website, or other social media or author sites where readers can find your work – from your profile page. Once you've finished, make sure you follow some of your favorite authors. This means you'll get an email update each time they publish a new Booktrack or add a new chapter.


Start interacting with others

There are many fun social elements to Booktrack that can really help you build a fan base. Remember, we don't just have a traditional reader base, we also have many non-traditional reader sources – gamers, audio engineers, musicians, just to name a few.

This is a great opportunity for you to tap into those non-traditional audiences. If you're an author, make sure you join the Booktrack Authors Group on Facebook. Comment on other people's stories if you like them, or feel that you can leave constructive criticism that will help improve the soundtrack or writing. The more people you talk to, the higher the chances are that you can interest them in reading your work!

Share your work

Follow Booktrack's social media accounts, and share the links to your story on your own accounts. Make sure you ask friends and family to read your Booktrack. We do actually notice good writing and strong soundtracks as well, and will often promote popular or well-constructed Booktracks in our email newsletters and on Booktrack's social media accounts – all free marketing for YOU, the author! If you're on other writing platforms that allow you to do so, share the link to your Booktrack to offer readers the chance to read your story with a soundtrack.

Serialize fiction and give away samples free

Serialized fiction is a great way to hook in readers. You're making sure that the reader is left wanting more, and will return to see what happens next to their beloved characters. You can also give away some of your work for free. Soundtrack the first couple of chapters, or a really exciting extract that ends on a cliffhanger, and use the book links on the book info page to push people towards your paid work.

Why Booktrack?

Today's indie authors are always looking for ways to build a fan base and market their books. Booktrack is a free promotional platform that's fun, easy to use, cool, and can introduce authors to new reading audiences they may not have considered before. It's a no-risk marketing tool. The only thing you need to invest is a bit of time, and the energy and enthusiasm to create a good soundtrack to match your story.

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