Booktrack Author Spotlight:

Why Booktrack is a mind-blowing concept and platform

by A.D. Starrling



Since I started writing in 2006, I have always created with music. I am one of those creatures whose imagination goes into overdrive when the right tunes strike the right neurons. It’s a magical chemical reaction that results in, well, mostly action-packed and often graphically violent scenes. After all I tend to listen to some pretty loud stuff and write thrillers with a supernatural twist. Be it plotting a story or the actual coffee-fueled core composition, music keeps me in the “moment” and inspires wonderful prose and dialogue. Some songs have even inspired entire chapters in my books.

All my novels get their own playlists, which I listen to on constant replay while I am writing. I then post the playlist on my website under Extras. Each protagonist in the series even has their own “theme” song. For Lucas Soul of Soul Meaning, this was You’re Going Down by Sick Puppies. Also under Extras are book-specific character profiles and research material, and I have a Pinterest board dedicated to the series.

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I first heard of Booktrack from a fascinating post on super-successful and all around awesome indie author Hugh Howey’s blog in 2014. The definition of a Booktrack is a movie-style soundtrack for ebooks, which essentially means reading an ebook while listening to a combination of music, ambience and sound effects related to the story line. I checked out the platform, fell in love with the concept, and thought this would be something absolutely unique to offer to my fans. As fate would have it, Booktrack came calling in November 2014. They had come across my series and thought my books would be a good fit for the platform. I agreed. And thus started my Booktrack experience, which has now blossomed into a great relationship with the company and will see the release of all my novels and short stories as Booktracks in the coming months.

So why Booktrack? What does it add to the experience of reading Soul Meaning that other formats don’t already achieve?

The comments from fans who got an early look at the Booktrack say it all.

“This gave me chills and put me right in the story.”

“Even though I know the storyline, I got goosebumps listening and reading it all over again.”

“I could really FEEL the story. And it made me cry.”

AD Starrling 2

For me, Booktrack adds a visceral experience that can only be duplicated if you were watching this story in movie-format. That’s the simplest way to describe it. A more complex way is this: Booktrack will grab you, make you sit on the edge of your seat and hold your breath, make you gasp, make you laugh, make you cry. It is a totally different and innovative way of reading fiction and the most immersive experience I’ve personally ever had outside a movie theatre. So yes, for me, Soul Meaning in Booktrack form is on a whole other level of cool.

So put your headphones on, download the Booktrack on Monday, and enjoy the ride!

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