Write outside of the box with Booktrack

Did you know that you can use Booktrack to help you write a story? While many authors choose to add a soundtrack to a pre-written story, Booktrack can be a great tool to provide inspiration.

You can write directly into our "text editor" field instead of using copy and paste, or use the sound library to kickstart your imagination or get you out of a rut. shutterstock 222768667

Authors who enjoy writing while listening to music can have a blast with Booktrack's audio library. You can select music based on different categories such as emotion, genre and style. Or why not use ambience to help you get into the mood for a scene? Sounds such as crashing waves, church bells tolling or even more unusual sounds like "penguin footsteps in snow" can all act to spark your creativity.

You don't have a traditional playlist with Booktrack, instead, you choose sounds that directly correlate to your story. Explore the library before you begin writing. You may find that music fires up your imagination. Many authors like listening to classical music while writing. Booktrack has a wide selection of similar, classical-sounding tracks that can form part of your story, and that can be incorporated into the writing process.

Writing a story especially for Booktrack is yet another way to use the platform. Young adult writer Sue Copsey, who was a finalist in the Hugh Howey Booktrack Competition, has found that by writing specifically for Booktrack, she could "actually leave out a phrase here and there because I was using music to convey the mood and meaning instead". She suggests having a Booktrack version of the traditional writing rule, "show, don't tell": "add sound, don't tell".

In genres like horror, mystery, thriller or adventure, using sound to convey certain scenes instead of words can make the experience of reading richer, and more like the movies. Try replacing background noise, like a door opening while two characters are having a conversation, with the sound of the door instead. Or if you want to convey that the characters are at a noisy party, instead of describing the party, you could add ambient audio of wine glasses clinking and chatter.

Writing with Booktrack can be a fun, different experience. Whether you just want to listen to some sounds from the audio library while writing, or write directly with Booktrack in mind and use certain sounds to replace the occasional piece of description, it's a new way to be creative and to write outside of the box.

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